• Credit card


For payments by credit card, INATIREL has chosen the bank CREDIT AGRICOLE which, thanks to its online payment service UP2PAY e-transactions, ensures the security of payments and data. Payments made to bank servers are encrypted and 100% secure (SSL encryption).

Up2pay CB

At no time do your card numbers pass through or are stored on our servers, which guarantees you the best security in terms of payment.

You are on a 3D SECURE secure merchant site, if your card is identified 3D SECURE you will then be redirected to your bank to allow the security of the processing operation.


  • Bank transfer


When choosing your method of payment, you will also have the option of opting for bank transfer. In this case, your order will be shipped upon receipt of your transfer.


  • Payment by Paypal

For the security of your payments we use PAYPAL.

With this system, your payment by card is made directly on the secure server on our behalf. PAYPAL

At no time will your card number, nor the other confidential data attached to it, be communicated to us.

Exchanges are encrypted and secured using the SSL 3 (Secure Socket Layer) protocol on the Internet, a protocol which has become a worldwide standard and which can be used by the main browsers.

Your financial information is secure and fully covered against fraud
Thanks to its payment system among the most reliable, PayPal carries out your transactions without ever communicating your bank details to the beneficiaries, your email address and password are sufficient.
De plus, PayPal offers you total protection in the event of fraudulent use of your account by reimbursing you if necessary.

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